Antouri - Guardian of Lost Knowledge

The Eternal Lorekeepers



Remnants from an age forgotten… wiped from the pages of history… the Lorekeepers of The Mountain are warrior scholars; keepers of lost lore.

In the great slab of raised earth where the ancient dragon Noz’Remus slumbers… the Lorekeepers of the Mountain reside.  They are few, and not well known, but mighty.

In the great uprising against the great dragon Noz’Remus… tens of thousands of dragionkin, minor dragons, and their elven allies rose to bring the great beast to a slumber.  The death toll was greater than half of the dragonkin population.  Devastated, but hopeful, the dragonkin civilization moved on…

A great and powerful mage was one of the leaders of the fight against Noz’Remus.  After the battle, suffering from great wounds.  Desperate to see that the cause that he was fighting for would stay true… that the victory would hold…. He poured all of his remaining magical life energy into a spell placed on his apprentice.  To have legendary long life…  His purpose… he told his apprentice… would be to ensure that this battle, this purpose, and the lives shed here were never forgotten.  To attain knowledge of the great secrets and hold them… keep them safe…

This apprentice became the founding member of the Lorekeepers of the mountain.  He went on to found the order…. Keeping only a select few… 12 dragonkin to be the entrusted inner circle of the keepers.  These dragonkin would gather the sacred texts holding the arcane and divine secrets of the world… and the secrets of the great dragon Noz’Remus, the spell holding him, and would keep them in secret.

The lair of the Lorekeepers of the mountain is deep, and beautiful in the security of the mountain.  None but the keepers themselves know where the entrance is.  Explorers have spent decades looking for the entrance, never for it to be found.



Lorekeepers are Dragonkin warrior mage’s that reside deep in the mountain.  They spend their whole lives in seclusion, protecting the aincient secret texts entrusted to them.

Lorekeepers in combat, are heavily armed, wielding great weapons and shields and wielding potent magics that they have learned from their aincent texts, and by infusing themselves with the resonance of the ley lines that converge in their lair.  The lorekeepers wield blades and charms that infuse resonance magic into their combat…. Weaving the resonance of their magic through their attacks. This is very similar to the resonance magic wielded by the Monks of the Resounding Order.


The aincient one leads the lorekeepers.  He is the aincient teacher… the apprentice of the great mage who died in the battle against Noz’Remus.

Antouri - The 56th

Antouri – the 56th Antouri of the Eternal Lorekeepers…. Is the youngest of the current keepers.  The other 11 eternal lorekeepers have had many incarnations as well.  He has spent his life growing up on in the lair of the lorekeeper warriors.  He has come of age…. Fierce with sword and flame. He is sent on a mission, to investigate the dreams that have been plaguing his bretheren, and to travel with Zimra – his friend.  What adventures await?

Antouri - Guardian of Lost Knowledge

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